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YOUR is the Wikipedia of product content.

In the world of e-commerce and metaverse, product content is crucial. Therefore YOUR is building the first product content NFT marketplace of physical and digital products. With YOUR, everyone around the world can create content and earn money.

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In the world of e-commerce and metaverse, product content is crucial. Having all the information about a product in one place is important for the buying decision. By creating the Wikipedia for product content (YourContent), we give buyers the possibility to learn everything about the product. Like Wikipedia it will be free for individuals to research products but the difference is that companies need to pay for the bulk content usage.

Companies like Amazon, AliExpress, Decentraland and Sandbox are in need of extensive product profiles to improve their customer experience and increase conversion rates.

So with YOUR everyone can create content, own it and earn money by enabling product content for the world.


YOUR will be active in two markets; Traditional e-commerce market with companies like Amazon and Aliexpress and the new Web3 market with companies like Opensea and Decentraland. For both markets there are different conditions as described here below.

The "traditional" physical product market is a red ocean, which means a lot of competition. But companies in this market use multiple data aggregators (like YOUR) for product content. Based on cost and quality the companies choose which one to use for each category and product. YOUR will be very competitive and gain market share through better unique content and lower costs.

The "new" digital, NFT and Metaverse product market is a blue ocean, which means no competition. Here YOUR will gain ground by showing platforms the benefits of more extensive product content to improve the customer experience and thus online revenue. A fact that is already proven in the "traditional" market.



Companies like Amazon, Decentraland, Sandbox and OpenSea or individuals can use the product content NFTs through api extraction. For every usage of a product NFT, commission needs to be paid. This commission will be distributed to the registered owners & network contributors. So NFT owners will get direct and future earnings based on their contributions. Direct earnings through network tokens and future earnings through commissions. Network contributors will receive rewards through development work or providing node capacity.


With the newest NFT technology we enable co-ownership for our NFTs. This by breaking the Non Fungible token into multiple fractions in the form of Fungible tokens. All facilitated by the Solana Blockchain. NFT 2.0 protocol will allow the following:

  • Multiple owners of one NFT
  • Revenue sharing among NFT owners
  • Smaller contributions to one NFT
  • Lease or sell fractions of an NFT
  • Build Collections with fractions of different NFTs

Our new norm for non-fungible tokens named YOUR NFT 2.0.


YOUR has the possibility to outperform competitors based on the following facts:

  • No workforce limitations. With YOUR the whole world can contribute and earn
  • Lower commissions for product content usage. No middle man between the content creators and customers so YOUR has lower commissions.
  • Higher quality & more extensive product content. Next to the standard product content YOUR will generate user generated product content.
  • Better API structure. Competitors have a low api usability, YOUR will provide extensive category, attribute and content type mapping.
  • Direct website integration. YOUR will provide a script that will directly inject product content on the product page. This will lower the threshold for companies to use the product content.

Through the background of the founders YOUR has a strong network in the traditional e-commerce market. This will provide significant partnerships to provide content for physical products. Thanks to the network of our investors, we can start working directly with large NFT marketplaces and Metaverses.


YOUR has a create to earn model. By using this model YOUR empowers people to:


You can create content about anything concerning either a specific physical product or any digital product. This can be basic content like professional image, product description, specifications or user generated content like an experience or a video.


For every product in the world YOUR will create a product content NFT to which creators can add their content. The contributors to this product will become co-owner of this NFT. These ownerships will be registered on the Solana Blockchain in a smart contract. Owners can store, bundle or transfer ownership through the Yourcontent platform.


Creators will earn direct and future rewards based on their contribution. The direct rewards will incentivise creators with direct rewards for their creations. This gives an extra incentive to the creators to start creating and earning today. The Future Rewards will be generated by companies like Amazon, Decentraland, Sandbox etc that will pay for the usage of the product content NFTs. These earnings will be distributed to the owners of the used NFTs according to their ownership percentage.

Additional token features:

  • Stake to earn. Our staking functionality is ready at TGE.
  • Create to earn model
  • Users can sell NFT ownership
  • Users can buy NFT ownership
  • Users can bundle NFT ownerships
  • Token holders can buy physical and digital assets on Yourbuy