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The Wakaspace NFT-Gamefi is a decentralized gaming metaverse that aims to deliver a “real life” gaming experience and a play-2-earn feature.

Premium round offerings for IPAD holders only. Higher winning chances with lower fees.. See Rules
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Blockchain Network

Avalanche mainnet (C-Chain)

Token Supply


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Premium round offerings for IPAD holders only. Higher winning chances with lower fees. See Rules

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What is Wakaspace (WKS)?

Built on Avalanche, Wakaspace Meta-Multiverse is a mobile and PC development platform for games developed by experienced designers, creators, and game developers. Wakaspace is inspired by the war between alien races.

Wakaspace is a first of its genre - Users can play, build guilds, empires and much more. Wakaspace offers a "real-life" gaming experience. The NFT content on Wakaspace is built on the Non-Fungible Token Standard, while WakaSpace $WKS is the native currency of Wakaspace Meta-Multiverse.

What makes Wakaspace (WKS) unique?

Wakaspace (WKS) Roadmap

Wakaspace (WKS) Revenue Streams

Wakaspace (WKS) Product Dive

Wakaspace (WKS) Marketing Strategy

Wakaspace Meta-multiverse that combines Metaverse tech, Game tech along with Arts and NFTs. Make it a ground-breaking Metaverse with massive growth potential with the AAA NFT Games industry.

Our Marketing strategy is divided into three basic tiers:

  • Community Building
  • Partnerships
  • Gameplay

Build a community around the project, stay connected with Wakaspace investors and users, keep project progress updated, and have a healthy 'future' discussion for Wakaspace Development. Wakaspace Meta-Multiverse. Promote community growth by launching programs: Airdrop, Giveaway, and Bounty on appropriate platforms in the community such as: Telegram, Discord, Twitter, Reddit, etc. Holding AMA on Twitter Space, Telegram and Discord are indispensable for the project along the way. Cross-AMA is also the step that wakaspace lists in the marketing phase of the project. Whitelist Members Guide and How to Get NFTpass - is the definition of a "ticket" with early access to beta functions, discounts, and special promotions. In addition, the game will open interesting events for prizes as well as promotions during big holidays of the year.

Continuing to expand the scope increases the number of user members after IDO. Establish strategic partnerships, artists, NFTs enthusiasts to bring wakaspace to more users. Highly focused on Influencers Marketing, Press Media to strengthen the name of Wakaspace.

Wakaspace is seeking cooperation with several English speaker partners in Malaysia, Philippine, Indonesia, Korea, Vietnam, etc.

Which Technologies does Wakaspace (WKS) Use?

Wakaspace is built on Avalanche Blockchain Network using the ERC-20 and ERC-721 token standards combination with relistics styling and Unity3D, because we believe that access to gaming should be open and public: Avax chain is the real open blockchain protocol for mainstream adoption.

Wakaspace (WKS) Token Economy