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Boss Fighters

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Blockchain Network

Myria (Etherium L2)

Token Supply


Project Valuation


Initial Token Circulation


Initial Market Cap


Right after the sale rounds are closed, they’re going to introduce staking, so the community can start earning game rewards and tokens prior to the launch. After that, they plan to deliver Closed Alpha for the early adopters’ Community, to get real feedback and iterate on it. By the end of 2022 Boss Fighters will feature a marketplace, multiple boss types, NFT item rewards, several staking features and they’re going to release several NFT collections related to Boss Fighters metaverse, which are going to have in-game and off-game utility! They also want to make the game available for mobile devices later on, obviously targeting Oculus Quest 2 and Android devices. No date for that yet, though.

Boss Fighters (BFT) Revenue Streams

BOSS FIGHTERS, being the Web2.5 game with the focus on general gamers is designed to have both fiat and crypto revenue streams.

Boss Fighters (BFT) Product Dive



World's 1st VR/PC action competitive game on the blockchain

BOSS FIGHTERS is a VR / PC gaming show built as a unique multiplayer game where a VR player takes the role of the powerful boss-monster, while PC players team up against it - all battle to amuse spectators, earn prestige and valuable loot.

Embark to online multiplayer, or play with friends on the couch in party mode. A unique game that has never been seen in WEB3.0 and NFT space before.


Physics-based VR player’s gameplay, the sense of scale and power while controlling the giant Boss implies active movement! In BOSS FIGHTERS - VR Players are handsomely rewarded with tokens and NFTs for playing as the Boss!

BOSS FIGHTERS is the first game that rewards VR players for being active and participating in action-packed fights. VR is the best medium to bring move-to-earn to the next level. VR gameplay activities cannot be faked by bots, and are transparently tracked via blockchain since players have to interact with the environment with the headset and controllers using full-body motions. 

BOSS FIGHTERS rewards system is heavily focused on VR player retention - why use boring fitness apps when you can smash foes in VR playing the physics-based fun multiplayer battle with your friends or people across the world and get digital assets in return?


There is no show without spectators! BOSS FIGHTERS is designed for player-viewer interactions using Twitch API and other streaming services. Make your play a spectacle to attract more viewers to the show. Watch-to-earn benefits both players and spectators! Users get rewards for streaming - the more spectators - the better rewards for players! Spectators also get rewards for supporting players and can even interact with the battle arena through Twitch API.


The game is essentially free-to-play, thus almost any item can be earned via gameplay or purchased with in-game currency. However, players can also convert in-game rewards into digital assets utilizing blockchain, trade assets on the marketplace, or use assets to unlock advanced game modes to compete for large token prize pools in the community and sponsored tournaments.


BOSS FIGHTERS supports user-generated content. The community can monetize their creations such as game mods, cosmetic items and maps, using blockchain and in-game digital assets marketplace.


🔹 VR / PC Competition

  • Choose a side - control the boss in VR in physics-based combat.
  • Play on a flat-screen device with teammates - try to take down human-controlled BOSS.

🔹 Destructible & Interactive Environment

  • Tear down buildings and block passages as VR boss. Use fists and debris as weapons
  • Use grappling hooks, jetpacks, and teleporters to outmaneuver the boss as PC player

🔹 Digital Assets & Ownership

  • Win battles to get XP, new weapons and gadgets to expand combat options
  • Get cosmetic rewards: skins, avatars, weapons and VFX decorations
  • Upgrade gear to increase stats and unlock rare perks
  • Spend tokens to mint items as NFTs to trade on the marketplace

🔹 Team Play & E-Sports

  • Play online with your friends and teammates
  • Play with friends on the couch in unique party mode
  • Teams' and tournaments' built-in systems

🔹 Easy Access

  • Free-to-play, available on steam, oculus sidequest
  • Fiat payments: buy digital assets with a credit card
  • Developed for VR Meta Quest 2 and a wide range of PC
  • Will be also available on mobile and web

Boss Fighters (BFT) Marketing Strategy

They believe that there are 5 main components for a successful WEB3.0 game with VR

  • Free-to-play model: no paywalls, no pay-to-win
  • Fiat payments integration: purchase digital assets directly with a credit card, focus on Web2 gamers and gently nudge them to adopt crypto through game mechanics
  • Asymmetric multiplayer: expand player base beyond the VR community
  • User-generated content: provide tools for fellow developers to monetize their work
  • E-Sports and Streaming: Teams, tournaments, Twitch API support

The game is essentially free-to-play, so any gear can be purchased with in-game currency. However, players who wish to embrace the advantages of blockchain technology are able to monetize their success via NFT marketplace and compete for large token prize pools. 

BOSS FIGHTERS is the first gamefi project built as an action-packed and fun asymmetric VR/PC gaming experience on the blockchain. They believe that Web3 gaming should be centered around exciting gameplay to attract the general gaming and VR community.

Which Technologies does Boss Fighters (BFT) Use?

They use Unreal Engine 4 as their main tool to create everything you see in Boss Fighters. Their team is highly proficient with UE4, since they have years of experience in creating graphics and VR applications.

For the Web 3.0 Part they use Solana programs to manage token staking, marketplace trading and fees.

Boss Fighters (BFT) Token Economy

The game is free-to-play with a play-to-own economy. 

Single Token deflationary model. $BFT is a utility token. 

In BOSS FIGHTERS players can choose either to be a free-to-play user, using soft currency, or take a crypto route that speeds up progression and unlock multiple benefits with the use of token.

🔹 DEFLATIONARY: Buyback and burn tokens using FIAT and token income

🔹 GATED CONTENT: Stake to unlock game modes and tournaments

🔹 MARKETPLACE: Mint assets as NFTs, trade on marketplace

🔹 WATCH-TO-EARN: Twitch API, rewards for content creators and viewers

The token used in multiple ways:

  • as a hard currency to purchase consumables and battle pass
  • in staking with lockup to unlock certain gated content and features
  • as rewards in community and exclusive tournaments and move-to-earn in VR
  • used on the in-game marketplace to trade assets
  • used to mint NFTs 

Game features can be unlocked via staking token into special pools. Here are some benefits players get by staking a $BFT token:

  • soft currency passive income
  • speeding up gear upgrade times (it takes a long time to upgrade high-level gear!)
  • regular gear and skin airdrops
  • minting discounts for upcoming NFT drops
  • reduced marketplace fees
  • treasury access
  • unique skins and player customization options (titles, frames and other)
  • team features- ability to create and manage teams, scholarship options
  • tournament access - competitions with large token prize pools
  • ranked mode access - MMR, token rewards

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